The Establishment of Bishooftu City

Bishoftu city was established in 1917 E.C. during Ethio-Djibouti railway was started. Bishoftu is located at 47 km from capital city of the country East-south of Finfinne main asphalt road and 52 km from capital city of East Shewa zone Adama and surrounded by Ada’a districted Kebeles. A name of Bishoftu is derived from Afan Oromo word which means that “the land of excess water body.”

The abundance population size of the city is currently including with rural kebeles as a new master plan was launched, male 95,600, female 104,400, totally 200,000. The total area of the city incorporated under the new master plan is about 18,740 hectares. The city is situated with astronomy location between 340 – 08’ 430–11’N longitude and 30 40‘- 100-31’ E latitude.

A nature of Bishoftu has been caused to become a center of trade, industry, transport and different attraction sites. At presently, the city is divided into three shire (rural) kebeles and nine urban kebeles.