Bishoftu is prosperous in 7 (seven) creator lakes & 1 man-made which have beautiful scenery.

  1. I.Lake Hora Harsadi

Hora Harsadi Lake is one of the oldest known crater lakes in the Bishoftu town and is only 2 km from the center of the town.

Hora Harsadi is named from a person called Harsadi who was from Liban Ethnic groups known by a father of Melka or “Aba Melka.”

According to Tulama tradition, Harsadi and Hadho are among the six Lakes of God (Jahan Hora Waaqaa). Harsadi is an exceptionally attractive Lake where Oromo cultural and ritual irecha (the worship of Waaqa tokkicha) is conducted on. According to Oromo tradition irecha ritual began before 1400 years. It is a place of pan-Oromo event and an important heritage for the country as a whole and situated in a beautiful

deep basin, it has the maximum depth of 37m and is suitable for water sports and scenic beauty.


Its wealth of fish species and aquatic bird life give opportunities for fishing and bird watching. This Lake is developed by water sports such as boating and water skiing, there are also a number of water bird species like cormorants, hammer cops, ducks, geese; herons king fisher’s darters and storks to be seen.

II.Lake Bishoftu

This lake has Maximum depth 85m & it is the deepest of all surrounding lake. The attractive feature of the lake is its scenic beautiful surrounding rocky steep invites for sightseeing and nature admiring.

It has attractive different Hotels & Resorts such as Pyramid Resort & Hotel, Dreamland Hotel & Resort, Asham Africa Hotel & resort, Bishoftu Afaf Hotel and as well as some under constrictions like Engineer Hailele’ul Resort, Negash Resort.


III.Lake Babogaya

Lake Babogaya is nearly the same size of Hora but much deeper. It situated at north-east of hora lake with along asphalt ring road. The presences of many fishes, different kinds of water bird species like ducks and geese as well as the surrounding of greenish vegetation on its ridge especially endowed with breath taking beauty make this lake become popular. This lake is. This lake is developed by many International Hotels & Resorts such as Babogaya Resort, Adulala Resort, Leisak Resort, Salayish Lodge & Park, Elam Lodge, View Point Lodge and Additionally Ethiopian Maritime Ships Institution…etc

IV.Lake Kuriftu

Very close to the Babogaya Lake, Lake Kuriftu has now become one of the country’s best known resort centers. The privately owned resort center, kuriftu resort, is an ideal place for tourists to visit and stay in.

V.Lake kilole

Kilole Lake is at the distance of 12 km hard drive to the north-east of the town. It is the farthest of the lakes in the area. Birds like water flows, African fish eagles, cormorants, Egyptian geese, duck, plovers, etc. are easily seen around the lake.

VI.Lake Magrisa

Meaning “green lake”, is about 9 km away to the south west of the town just behind the Air Force base. The lake looks green because of its algae. It is more dramatic, colorful and beautiful when viewed against the backdrop of the surrounding hills. Though scenic and beautiful, it is a quite lake with no activity around it.mageresa

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