Bishoftu is home to seven crater lakes. In these lakes you can have a very relaxing boat recreation. You can get these services at Babogaya, Kuriftu Resorts and at Hora Harsede Lake.  There are many boating opportunities. Come and enjoy!  

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There are hiking possibilities in and around the beautiful city of Bishoftu, its lakes and nearby mountains like the Yerer Mountain and the island in the clouds known as Mount Zuqualla.

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In addition, Pyramid Resort will handle the details of your hiking trips including transportation, delicious lunch boxes, guide services, camping equipment for those who are interested in an overnight trip and other on demand services.

Mount Zuqualla (also spelled Zuquala or Chukala) is an extinct volcano located 30km (19 mi) south of Bishoftu. With a height of 2,989 metres (9,806 ft), it is known for its crater lake, lake Dembel, an elliptical crater lake with a maximum diameter of about one kilometer, but the trail around the crater is about 6 kilometers long. Both the mountain and the lake are considered holy to both Christian and the Oromo living nearby.